Nadine Alexandra, Miss Indonesia 2010 Asking Support For Miss Universe

Nadine Alexandra, Miss Indonesia 2010 Asking Support For Miss Universe
Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames

Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames, Miss Indonesia 2010 asking for support on the entire world community to wrestle the Miss Universe 2011. Nadine goes to Miss Universe 2011. Currently, Nadine is struggling in the Miss Universe 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Miss Universe 2011 using voting via the Global Fan Vote as a medium for providing support to its participants. Representatives of 88 countries, only 16 people who will enter the semi-finals. Nadine is hoping to get into a list of 15 big names of Miss Universe.

“There were 15 (contestants) who selected the jury, only one of the global fan vote. This done, to give opportunity to the supporters,” said Putri Kuswisnuwarhadani as CEO of Mustika Ratu when met at the House of Mustika Ratu, Jalan Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta, Wednesday, September 7, 2011.

Currently, she said, Nadine was in Sao Paulo since August 20, 2011 and immediately following the quarantine period which will last until its peak on 12 September 2011. When the show voted for Nadine’s support in the Miss Universe 2011, Nadine also appeared via her video Skype . In the video, Nadine tells her story during the quarantine period.

“I always get good comments, it makes me feel more confident and excited. I am happy surrounded by my friends who are very good, always positive thinking, “Nadine said through her video skype.

There, says Nadine, she was one room with Miss Japan. She felt happy to have friends who can support her and help her. So that the quarantine does not make it stressful. British-born girl is also very big hopes to make 15. She wanted, became the pride for the people of Indonesia. Through his video skype Nadine asked for support.

“Support me, because it will help me to get 16. Click then click Indonesia and click vote Indonesia lived, the day can be 10 times, so do not forget to support me. See you September 18, “she said asking for support.