Clinical Milestones FAQs

Clinical Milestones FAQs

What is Clinical Milestones?

Clinical Milestones is a care management tool that tracks important parameters of the patient’s progress through the clinical process of admission, diagnosis, treatment, patient response, and discharge.

Is Clinical Milestones a guideline or pathway?

While Clinical Milestones was developed with reference to clinical practice guidelines and other references from the medical literature, Clinical Milestones is a care management tracking tool.

How is the Clinical Milestones tool used?

When a patient is admitted, a case manager selects the clinical rationale for inpatient level of care from a list of common admitting conditions. As the attending physician continues the diagnostic workup and begins treatment, the case manager notes the testing results and documents important aspects of treatment including JCAHO quality measures. As the patient responds to treatment, the case manager notes when the patient attains the physiologic and functional goals that ensure a safe transition to the next level of care.

How is the information collected through Clinical Milestones used?

The case manager transmits the Clinical Milestones tool to payers to document medical necessity for hospital admission and continued care. In addition, attending physicians will receive confidential reports that help them compare their inpatient practice patterns with those of their fellow physicians.

How are Clinical Milestones developed?

Clinical Milestones are developed from the medical literature and medical texts including specialty organization clinical practice guidelines. The Clinical Milestones are then validated by panels of your physician colleagues to ensure that they represent best clinical practice.

What are the benefits of Clinical Milestones?

Clinical Milestones help reduce variation in clinical practice resulting in shorter lengths of stay as well as tracking important aspects of care. For facilities, Clinical Milestones results in better financial performance through superior documentation of medical necessity for admission and continued stay based on the patient’s response rather than an arbitrary length of stay. For patients, Clinical Milestones helps maintain high quality care with admission for the appropriate reasons and discharge at the appropriate time in their recovery. For physicians, Clinical Milestones provides feedback and insight into their clinical practices as well as an opportunity for ongoing input to the tools.