Green Tea and Its Health Benefits

Green Tea and Its Health Benefits

Tea is a health drink that is loved by all people. From child to adult surely love to drink tea especially today where tea are sold in special packs making it easier for us to enjoy the sweet tea. Tea will be more efficacious when mixed with honey. Especially when served cold, emmm the cool and sweet taste is very refreshing. Honey that has a sweet taste works as replacement to artificial sugar so the mixed substance is safe to drink. Natural sugar does not have a negative effect on health as fas the sum is not too much.


A mixture of honey and tea will work to calm the nerves of the brain so that you have a quieter personality, can focus attention, and think with full concentration. Could we eliminate some of the fat in the body simply by drinking a mixture of honey and tea? yes, the answer is definitely yes. When you make a drink with a mixture of honey and tea, let alone on a regular basis every day, then the combination of both will be able to burn calories in the body.

A mixture of honey and tea has a nice effect in warding off cancer, because both of these natural ingredients come with highantioxidants that boost the body’s immune system so that the emergence of cancer is blocked. Another benefit of drinking tea mixed with honey is tooth preservation of oral diseases. The reason is because tea has catechins which work by blocking the formation and accumulation of bacterial plaque on the teeth gap. That is why the teeth is stronger and solid.

Osteoporosis is a disorder of the bone structure in which the bone mass in the spine becomes more empty and so easily broken. If you previously thought that milk is the greatest gift of nature to combat osteoporosis, this assumption must be eliminated now. A mixture of honey and tea can strengthen bones so that you are free from osteoporosis.

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